I am aware of the fact that 别 usually means "don't", but what about :/ the expression 别开生面​。 Here, doors it mean "another"? What exactly does it mean in this context?



别开生面 usually means to start something new, or to do something new

别 is used as 另外 (something else), or 别处 (another place, elsewhere)
开 is used as 开辟,开创 (invent/open up/start)
生面 is for 新的面目 (a new face/ a new appearance)

In context, it means to start another style, a new style, or start something new.

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别开生面 is actually an idiom which means "to break a new path" or "break fresh ground". In this case, 别 is just part of the idiom.

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别开生面: open up a fresh outlook

Yes, in 别开生面, 别 means "other / different" (as in "other way" or "different way")

别 (differently)

开 (open up)

生 (new )

面 (outlook)

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