I have never heard of this adjective...?

Also I checked on Baidu and it was less than helpful...


  • as any dictionary will say 搭 is a verb for more information on 很+动词结构 see e.g. docin.com/p-700907383.html
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  • more briefly:"汉语800虚词用法词典"很(副)表示程度相当高。常见的用法有:2。很+动词/动词词组(1)我对他 很了解 ,我觉得他是一个诚实的人,绝不会欺骗你。2。我对学校的教学很满意,老师门都 很认真负责。3。老师对我们的学习和生活都 很关心。4。我很喜欢看中国的电视,特别是电视剧,我觉得 很有意思。5。我 很担心出交通事故 ,所以每次开车出门都提心吊胆的。6。我 很怕感冒 ,一感冒我就咳嗽得厉害。7。我 很羡慕他拿到了全额奖学金。8。我 很愿意跟中国同学来往,他们对我的帮助也很大。9。刚来的时候,我 很想家。10。爸爸妈妈对我出国 很不放心。Distinct from 很搭 in above examples 动词/动词词组 consists of at least 2 字 (including object,see 6),很搭 seems of low usage frequency (abbreviation of 很搭配? jukuu has 2examples, 2。这条领带和这件衬衫很搭配。3。她的手袋和她的衣服很搭配。none for 很配搭)
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「很搭 」is shortened form of 「很合配搭」(very compatible)

「配搭」(v) " to match; to accompany" ; (n) combination ; pairing

「合配搭」= compatible


You can think of it as two words 很搭 but it generally means very compatible, suitable, a good match.

The 很 is used as an adverb. ex: 很帥, 很酷, 很好
The 搭 is used as slang for being compatible.
You can also change up the adverb and use 滿

It's usually used for clothing, 你穿這件還滿搭的. This clothing matches you.

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