I am curious as to how reliable HSK tests downloaded from the internet are. I've downloaded them from the sites listed in this post. And have also use the android app here.

I can pass the HSK 1 & 2 tests on both the app and pdf. I certainly did not understand all the written or spoken text and maybe made lucky educated guesses on a maximum of 3-4 questions.

Is the difficulty level of these tests and the scores given accurate? I know that one may not be able to answer this definitively here, but can anyone who has relevant knowledge/experience comment?

I apologize if this question is inappropriate for the forum here, feel free to close it or otherwise suggest another forum. 谢谢!


I have done HSK3 and am preparing for HSK4. I used some HSK3 practice tests to see whether I was ready for that test. When the practice tests are identified as past test papers, they should be a good rough guide to your readiness for the real test. I treat them only as a rough indicator because there are no exact descriptions of what you need to know for HSK tests (except for character lists, which are only marginally helpful).

You can also find HSK preparation books. The practice tests in those books are sometimes somewhat harder than the real HSK test.

  • Thanks! This is just the kind of information I was seeking. I'll give it a few more days to see if any other replies, otherwise will accept this answer. – jdods Oct 12 '16 at 12:20

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