I'm translating some programming documentation. I know 'serve' can be translated to 服务/提供. But in the sentences below, it sounds a bit weird in Chinese. So, what are the right and elegant translations of 'serve' in the sentences below? Thanks!

  1. How do I serve the static files in deployment?

  2. ...setting up your server to serve this address.

  3. ...to ensure newer Bootstrap versions are served.

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  1. 在开发过程中如何加载静态文件? 开发过程中静态文件如何管理?
  2. 设置好你的服务器来为这个地址提供服务
  3. 确保你正在使用新版本的 Bootstrap
  • Is it better to translate the last sentence to '确保Bootstrap的新版本被加载' ?
    – user15276
    Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 7:19

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