I think its a line written by the poet Qu Yuan that maybe symbolizes a persons nobility?

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From 屈原《离骚》( 'Lisao' by Qu Yuan)

扈(to wear/to carry) | 江篱(a kind of fragrant plant) | 与(and) | 辟芷(a kind of fragrant plant) | 兮(exclamatory particle)

纫(to sew) | 秋兰 (a kind of fragrant plant) | 以为 (to make) | 佩 (sachet)


"Wear verrucosa and angelica dahurica , sew a sachet with autumn orchid inside"

maybe symbolizes a persons nobility?

This line symbolizes Qu Yuan's high moral standards, and his unwillingness of associate with immoral people.

(bad guys stink)



This famous idiom comes from QuYuan's works called "LiSao", which was a collection of poets written by him.

The original meaning of the statement is: I put on Cao Zhi around my shoulders, and tied QiuLan to Sope to hang it beside myself.

For Chinese, the plants of "QuiLan" or "Cao Zhi" are of self-contained, so QuYuan used these plants to describe that His passion/sentiment for people, for the motherland is so high that he wasn't willing to associate himself with undesirable elements.

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