What is this called?


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收納櫃 參考圖片 1

收納櫃 參考圖片 2

收納櫃 參考圖片 3

收納櫃 參考圖片 4

收納櫃 參考圖片 5

收納櫃 參考圖片 6

收納櫃 參考圖片 7


“抽屉”:可能是橱或柜的一部分,可以抽放(Maybe a part of cupboard or cabinet we can pull it out and put things there and push it in).

enter image description here

If we see a thing full of “抽屉”, a collection of them one beyond one together (like the image you showed us). This is called “柜”. This may be high or low, but most cases this is low or mediam of height:

enter image description here

And for most cases, if a high thing full of small doors together for us put bags, books……ect. This is also a “柜”:

enter image description here

In the acient China, “柜” was something like a box (can open or close, horizonal and movable).

And if you see a high thing with a door open, where there's a large space seperated by thin boards to put cups, glasses, cropsticks or in a room for clothes…… with no 抽屉, this should be “橱”.

enter image description here

HOWEVER, with the rapid development of our cupboard, we make "橱" and "柜" together called "橱柜": This is a thing (most case this takes after "橱", with a few 抽屉), we usually use "橱" for glasses/cups……, “柜” for kitchen small things like scissors,rag……).

enter image description here

All in all, for "clothes" or "cups", we usually put them into the “橱”, the others are usually put in the 柜.


means a kind of furniture. But native chinese won't say , because is weired. In genral, we will say that is 橱柜.

抽屉 means a component of furniture that can be pulled and pushed.

Like this enter image description here

In your posted pic that can be called 收纳柜 or 组合抽屉式收纳柜 in simplified Chinese.

Like this enter image description here

  • Thanks. Do you know the name for 收纳柜 in English?
    – JJ12345
    Nov 9 '16 at 6:49
  • Hi, it's storage cabinet. In your pic, it's 5-drawer storage cabinet.
    – kirisky
    Nov 12 '16 at 7:29

Looks to me like they might be stackable. Maybe you can add more drawers, so perhaps:


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