I have come across the following sentence: 波兰是欧洲最漂亮的国家。I reckon it means "Poland is the most beautiful country in Europe".

Is this how sentences of such type are normally made? Is 的 here "of" or part of 最...的? Note that I am absolute beginner level student.

  • Wait, what? How is 的 part of 漂亮? – MrVocabulary Nov 17 '16 at 12:09
  • It may be useful for you to know that "one of the most"-type expressions are often created by tacking on 之一 at the end. As in 波兰是欧洲最漂亮的国家之一。“Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe." – Brian Tung Nov 30 '16 at 23:18

Now let's begin with the syntax analyzes:

波兰(Subject) 是(Prediate) 欧洲最漂亮的(Adjective) 国家 (Object).

The whole statement is structured by:

S+P+Object. But there comes a short pharse to modify the Object:欧洲最漂亮的.

最:means "most" in English, used as an adverb to modify the adjective 漂亮 (beautiful).

And let's come to "……的", it REALLY has many usages, according to your descriptions, "最...的" is a fixed phrase, yes, that's right.

Besides, a verb/adjective + 的 = someone who is doing the job/relying on sth.


 卖鱼(selling fishes) <=> 卖鱼的 (fish-selling men).

 卖花(selling flowers) <=> 卖花的 (flower-selling men).

And what's more——For MOST CASES, We add "的" at the back of an adjective to modify a noun:

漂亮 is an adjective, but we don't say:他是一个漂亮人 but 他是一个漂亮

Another example: 这是一个木头船。

Sometimes "的" means "A belonging to B,part of B":

我的苹果(My apple), this apple belongs to me.

牛的眼睛(An Ox's eye), this eye belongs to the ox.

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  • What a wonderful explanation! Thanks, I have learned a lot from it :-) – MrVocabulary Nov 18 '16 at 18:13

If a characteristic following a noun is a 2 (or more) character adjective or a multi-character phrase, it should have 的.


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