What does mean zhōngxing from ZTE in Chinese? ZTE is the Chinese company that makes, among others, modems, routers, smartphones, etc.

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    I know it's a proper name, but etymogically, what does zhōngxing means? Xiexie. Nov 22, 2016 at 15:43
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中興 as a single term, does mean "revival, restoration" particularly refers to a period of revival of a declining dynasty.

中興 is mostly a history text book term, when we are talking about a particular period in history. It is never used in contemporary sense. People who were living in a 中興 period would not refer their country's revival as a temporary state

However as a company name in this case, we have to see 中 and 興 as individual characters because China is not in decline. and 中 clearly refers to 中國 (China), not 中期(middle period)

中 stands for: 中國 = China

興 means: "thriving; prosperous; flourishing" as in "興盛" (thrive,flourish)

中興通訊 means "Flourishing China Communication "

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  • @FarnzSeager Are you sure? I think 中 means China since centuries ago!
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  • 中 contains meanings of : " (adj)middle; center; inside; medium; average; halfway; (v)directly hit " - Now try to add Flourishing to any of the meanings I listed. "Flourishing Middle, Medium flourish, Halfway flourish? " My conclusion is still "China is the obvious choice."
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    Nov 23, 2016 at 7:32


Source: ZTE official site

If you cannot read Chinese, you may refer to the following translations in my poor English:

There are two reasons why this company is called [中兴]:

  1. ZTE is combined by two corporations: 中国航天691厂(CASC 691 Factory, a Chinese company) and 兴运 (Xing1 Yun4, a Hong Kong company). take one word from each company, we get[中] and [兴].

  2. Like other users said, 中兴=中国兴盛=China's soaring.


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