This is from near the beginning of 三国演义 and I am already puzzled:

他把何进部下的兵都收归己有。 Maybe: He (收?) recaptured / imprisoned all the troops under 何进's command

归己有: returned them to his own command ??

收 is '收复‘ or '收监‘ or some other word?

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    收歸:收回歸屬。收:to regain, to retake, to take back – user-487 Dec 1 '16 at 6:37
  • That's wrong, "收" in "收歸" means "take"; "歸" in "收歸" means "assign to" or "allocate to" . As in "收歸國有", which means: "Take possession (of a company) and assign it to become State-owned " - The country didn't own this company before, so it can't be called "regain", "retake" or "take back" – Tang Ho Dec 1 '16 at 9:19


[3] [v] receive; accept; take



[3] belong to; rest with; be in charge

己= self

有= possession

收歸己有 = "take possession and make it belong to oneself"

There's a common phrase "收歸國有", which means "Take possession (of a company) and assign it to become State-owned " . Similarly "收歸己有" in your sentence would mean : ""Take possession (of an army) and assign it to become Self-owned "

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