I know that they all mean something like "to bring something to someone" and 送 also means "to see someone out" and "to give sm a present" but what is the difference between these three verbs in these sentences? 1)他给我带来一些东西. 2)他给我捎来一些东西. 3)他给我送来一些东西.

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一、Send something to somebody, this means You intentionally bring something to someone with your own payment, and this thing orignally belongs to you. This is usually used when you wanna go to pay a visit, or you wanna invite someone, to be in honor of something……ect.


  1. 明天小明过生日了,我们什么好呢?(Tomorrow is XiaoMing's birthday, what can we buy to send him as a present?)
  2. 今天是我们结婚的纪念日,我你一枚戒指(I'd like to send you a ring for the anniversary of our wedding today.)

二、Can be also used you want to give someone something intentionally (for some special purpose, either good or bad).


  1. 她一束花,我爱她。(I sent her a bunch of flowers because of my love to her).

  2. 领导1000元红包,希望仕途顺利( I sent my boss 1000 RMB for my future official career).

三、 The way of "sending someone something" by using “送” NOT ONLY MEANS"Person To Person". But Just enpharsis "Something to the destination". So you can say:

我寄了它一个包裹,他一个表. (I sent him a package with a watch inside).


Bring something to somebody. The way to "give someone something" MUST BE "Person To Person". And this usually has two meanings (either will be OK):

  1. The object to be brought to others isn't yours.
  2. Maybe you have a purpose to bring this thing to others, and this isn't your main aim. You just do it "buy the way" (=捎)


  1. 今天小王生病了,请给他作业本。(Please bring the workbook to XiaoWang, because he's ill today).

  2. 我去了一次南京,顺便给他点好吃的东西. (I had a trip to Nanjig, and by the way, I brought him something good to eat).


This word CAN BE ONLY USED wihtout any purposes, this means when you do something, you see that this could be also good/favourate to others. So you also do that "by the way":


(Since you are going to your aunt's, Please bring my greetings to her as well and I won't go there. Thanks).

For “捎”,you can also say “捎带” instead.



  • He brought me something. (commonly used in literature)


  • He brought me something. (with a subtle emphasis that "something" was on his way, he did not bring those explicitly)


  • He brought/bought me something. (with a subtle emphasis that "something" is given to you for free)

他给我带来一些东西,一般指小东西,不重要的东西。 他给我捎来一些东西,有顺便带来的意思,他也不一定亲自来。东西不太重要。 他给我送来一些东西,他要亲自过来!说明东西很重要!

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