Is there a (paper or online) dictionary/list that contains standard variants of Chinese characters next to each other? That is, the Kangxi Dictionary forms (正字/康熙字典體), the forms recommended in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. It would be great if it also showed the characters in different fonts (宋體/明體、黑體、楷書、行書、草書、隸書、⋯⋯), but I'm afraid it may be too much to ask. I know about the Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants, but it doesn't seem to contain that information.

For example, I'm looking for a dictionary that would illustrate differences between Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as in this picture (Hong Kong on the top, Taiwan on the bottom, source: CLIAC):

Differences between Hong Kong and Taiwan glyphs

Or something like this:

From right to left: Kangxi Dictionary forms, Mainland China standard, Hong Kong standard, Taiwan standard, Japanese standard. (Wikipedia)

Standard Character Variants. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Or like this (click to enlarge):

(Song/Ming fonts) PRC, HK, TW, Kangxi differences, Song/Ming fonts

(Regular script) PRC/TW differences, regular script

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[中文] http://www.zdic.net/z/18/zy/5B87.htm

[EN] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%AE%87

other useful dictionary

  • ZDic looks like a great resource, thank you!
    – 米好 '-'
    Commented Dec 20, 2016 at 9:38

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