I'm searching for a good resource to learn Chinese with a focus on natural sciences and engineering. In particular, I would like the name of chemicals, machinery parts and environmental/ecological concepts.

  • To add a bit of background: When I learnt Russian I used a book written by a scientist and for scientists: the examples were all from natural science or engineering (e.g. a chapter on the logic behind names of chemicals). It also taught grammar in a systematic way that I found very useful. So I am searching for something similar for Chinese. If that is if any importance I'm a beginner, but I wrote the question in a broad way in case somebody else was searching for that too. The book is “Manuel de Russe à l’usage des scientifiques”, from Y. Gentilhomme (no English version as far as I know) – almerillat Dec 22 '16 at 22:07
  • web search using "自然科学词典" yields onedict.com/subject.php?qw=%E8%87%AA%E7%84%B6%E7%A7%91%E5%AD%A6 with parallel English and Chinese definitions – user6065 Dec 22 '16 at 23:16
  • Thank you, that could be useful. However, I am more looking for a resource like an app or a book, which I could refer to when I want to learn about or train a specific topic. I am not searching for an online dictionary or translator – almerillat Dec 23 '16 at 7:58
  • yadi.sk/i/VqHL2Suc39czUv (click on image to get pdf of entire book) Кочергин И.В. Основы научно-технического перевода с китайского на русский.pdf (Foundations of scientific-technological translation from Chinese to Russian) – user6065 Jan 18 '17 at 17:14
  • I just had a look. This seems indeed a good resource, I'll keep it in my library. I can read it but maybe others might prefer an English course book. Anyway, thank you – almerillat Jan 18 '17 at 17:54

I know of a couple resources for medicine and chemistry. These are technical dictionaries. You can start checking these out. I used to use them for work and never had problems so I guess the translations should be correct. Will post more as I come across them.



If you're looking for occasional term references, usually a good bet is to search Wikipedia and switch to the Chinese page.

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《科学脱口秀》 RSS: http://www.kexuetuokouxiu.com/feed/podcast


《太医来了》 太医来了 是医学、健康相关的节目

RSS: http://ipn.li/taiyilaile/feed

《心理开花》 心理开花 是心理学相关的节目,听这个节目可以学到很多心理学的概念。


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