I was in China for a week about a month ago. My brother photographed the menu pics of two dishes, namely 梨汤顿燕窝 and 棒打鸡丝拌拉皮. The first one I figured out to be Lítāng dùn yànwō, or swallow nests stewed in pear soup. The second one transliterates to bàng dǎ jī sī bàn lāpí, but I cannot make sense of it. Word by word it should be "stick hit chicken thread mix facelifts". So what does that mean? What is this dish?

I tried googling and saw this, which says 鸡丝拉皮, jīsī lāpí. I read through it and I understand how it is prepared and what it is, except for one thing: what is 干粉皮, gān fěn pí? And is this the same as 棒打鸡丝拌拉皮 or is there a difference in preparation, or perhaps it's something entirely different?

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Think of 棒打(stick hit) as "stick tenderized" (tenderize the chicken meat by hitting it repeatedly with a stick)

鸡丝 is shredded chicken

拌 is "mix / stir"

拉皮 is a wide noodle made of 木薯粉 (cassava powder)

棒打鸡丝拌拉皮 = stick tendered, shredded chicken, stir mixed with wide cassava noodle

picture of 拉皮: 拉皮

p.s: It should be 炖(stew)/dùn/, not 顿(pause)/dùn/ in 梨汤炖燕窝. They used the wrong character

  • So far as I know, 拉皮 is a kind of food, as explained in the answer, popular in the northeast area. It can also mean facelift, a cosmetic surgery. The latter meaning is more familiar to Chinese, especially Chinese from south China.
    – Huang
    Dec 28 '16 at 23:16
  • @TangHo maybe I just didn't check that dùn character :). I typed "litangdunyanwo" and that's what my keyboard gave, maybe I noticed litang was wrong, but the "dun"s are similar so I didn't notice :).
    – MickG
    Dec 29 '16 at 19:59

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