I found this sentence in a song's lyrics => " 就算这次做错也只是怕错过 ". What does it mean?

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To translate directly:

Even if making a mistake this time, it is still preferred for the fear of missing the moment.

In other words, it means one would rather take this opportunity (perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity) to do something even if it means making a mistake.

For the full lyrics of this song 给我一首歌的时间 by Jay Chou, please refer to this link.

  1. 歌词并不遵守严格的中文语法

  2. 这句话完整的句子应该是“就算这次做错(那也没有关系),(相比之下)更怕错过”

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    Hello and welcome, do you mind adding some more context and explanation?
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