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My wife, who is a native Chinese speaker, gave me the following:

sm.straight is 小顺
lg.straight is 大顺

but when I look up 小顺 or by itself, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with (noun) sequence. What am I missing here?

It shows me words like obedience, happiness, and submissiveness, with translations that may use 顺 alone or with a longer string of characters.

This dictionary doesn’t show a noun sequence or anything like that.

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汉典 shows the following information.

● 顺


shùn  ㄕㄨㄣˋ

  1. 趋向同一个方向,与“逆”相对:~风。~水。~境。~水推舟。~风使舵。

  2. 沿,循:~城街。~理成章。~藤摸瓜。

  3. 依次往后:~序。~次。

  4. 随,趁便:~便。~势。~手牵羊。

  5. 整理:理~。~修(整理修治)。

  6. 服从,不违背:~从。~应。孝~。温~。

  7. 适合,不别扭:~适。~情。~眼。~差(chā)。

  8. 姓。


◎ 顺

arrange   in sequence   in the same direction as   obey   put in order   suitable

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