I remember once reading about a Chinese character in Unicode that noone knew its meaning and purpose, and after some googling, I found . Aside from basic character databases like Wiktionary or Unihan, I wasn't able to find any sources about this character in English.

So, does this character have a meaning? How was this character introduced in Unicode? Are there other such "mysterious" characters?

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襨 U+8968

國語發音: dù ㄉㄨˋ

The first entry in 原典出處:

《金陵秋·第四章鄂變》: 計革人既潛漢口,而武昌中襨伏必多。

襨伏 means 埋伏. Thus, I guess 襨 means something related to 埋 (bury, secrete, conceal)。

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