Chinese here! I have a really rare symbol in my name. The symbol was originally in the ‘traditional’character set, written as 頔 (pronounced as ‘di’) , but later China came up with a simplified version of this symbol(shown below, picture of the symbol from my passport). I tried the drawing recognition on windows but was unable to find it.

I am in urgent need to open a bank account but because the banks cannot type out the exact character shown on my passport they refuse to open a bank account for me. I am just wondering if the character exists in GB18030 standard so I could give the bank the encoding for this symbol.

Or does anyone know how to write this symbol on the computer? Thanks lots!! this is the symbol I need

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𬱖 U+2CC56


必需装含有“扩充-E”的字型才能显示。(请自己去找字型,noto 可能可以)GB18030 应该没有。

  • 谢谢!那我去试一试, 看看在我的电脑上行不行
    – Symbols
    Commented Feb 27, 2017 at 22:31

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