I am studying Chinese and I heard the phrase 'ni ma bi' from a native teenager. I am sure that it's an offensive phrase but I would appreciate your help.

How we could answer to such a phrase in Chinese?

Thank you in advance.

  • (a gentleman way) 謝謝。It can avoid the further quarrels. May be 我覺得說話要有點禮貌會比較好。The teenagers won't listen to you if they say something like that to you. In some cases they just have fun with you, because they think you don't know Chinese very well yet. – young99 Mar 18 '17 at 20:28
  • Thank you! I think what you have suggest is more proper. Though i was ready to say something like' 你不要在我前面拍马屁' (i found it searching phrases in the internet) – Poly Mar 18 '17 at 21:57
  • It seems that you don't know its meaning. It is one of the curse words and very common. It means "fxxx your mother". – young99 Mar 18 '17 at 22:30
  • It's very easy to judge it. If he said it with smile, he made fun with you. If he angrily said it, he cursed you. – young99 Mar 18 '17 at 22:52

"Nǐ mā bī" is a short form of "Cāo nǐ mā de bī", which means "fxxx your mother".

If he said it with smile, he made fun of you.
You can reply "我知道那句话是什么意思。请你不要乱开玩笑。".
(I know what that sentence means. Please do not be kidding.)

If he angrily said it, he cursed at you.
You can say "谢谢。我知道那句话是什么意思。我觉得说话要有点礼貌会比较好。" and walk away to avoid the further quarrels.
(I think it would be better to speak politely.)
Be a gentleman/lady and forgive his ignorance.



I don't know how to translate, I use this get a friend.

That day, a new one came to us, and there was a fellow that we both know each other very well, that fellow want to show himself to the new one, so he made a bad joke with me, and laughed out loudly.

I was waiting for his laugh, and said " XX(his nickname), 你瞅你那个作死的样子". That fellow turned out a balloon without air.


I think whatever words he says to you,you can always repeat his words with a louder voice and stronger momentum. That is a simple way,but it must lead to fight.

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