How do you say 捅人牛 in hokkien? In pinyin, please.

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    I wonder if one could use pinyin for hokkien since pinyin are designed for Mandarin. Instead of pinyin, you could ask for Romanized words for the pronunciation.
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  • What is 捅人牛 meant to mean? Searching the Holodict doesn't give this as a set Hokkien phrase.
    – Michaelyus
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Hokkien is a group of Southern Min dialects spoken throughout Southeastern China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and by other overseas Chinese.

泉漳片也稱為泉漳閩南語、泉漳話、漳泉話、閩台片,是閩南語最大的一簇方言分片,也是最具有影響力和代表性的閩南語。狹義的閩南語指的是閩台片的閩南語。英語通常稱為 Hokkien。泉漳片緣起於中國福建南部,除分布於閩南本土,也廣泛流行於臺灣、新加坡、馬來西亞、菲律賓等許多閩南移民與其後裔的居住地。

The following information belongs to Taiwanese Hokkien (臺灣閩南語).

《臺灣閩南語常用詞辭典》 can show the relevant information. But this site does not have a link to each page, so the screenshots are given below.

Input 捅 in the field and press [Enter]. The pronunciation is thóng.

However, this is 統 in Mandarin, such as 統計 or 系統. So, we can not directly check 捅.

Assuming 捅人牛 means 撞人的牛, we should look up 撞 in Mandarin. Therefore, enter 撞, select 對應華語, and press [Enter].


The pronunciation is tōng, like 通 in Mandarin.

As far as I know, the 撞 of 撞到 in Hokkien is not so pronounced, but like 弄 in Mandarin. Fortunately, at the end of 釋義 1 in the above table shows 挵. Click the link to get the following table.


The pronunciation of 挵 is lòng. 釋義 1 also shows the meaning of 碰撞 (to collide).

人 also has two kinds of pronunciation.


The pronunciation of 人 in 人類, 人情 or 軍人 is jîn。


The pronunciation of 人 of 做人, 別人 and 好人 is lâng。

As far as I know, the Hokkien pronunciation of 人 in 撞人 is lâng, like 郎 in Mandarin.

牛 also has two kinds of pronunciation, gû and giû。


As far as I know, the vast majority of people read gû, like the second tone of ⻣.


If 捅人牛 means 撞人牛, the pronunciation should be lòng lâng gû。


Based on your words, the pronunciation for every word would be:

捅 【thóng】

人 【lâng】

牛 【gû】

Please refer to: Southern Min Language Dictionary of Republic of China 中華民國台灣區閩南語字典

And do remember, Hokkien, also known as 福建話 (泉州片), is one of the principal branches of Southern Min (閩南語). The dictionary which I have suggested to you is Southern Min (not really Hokkien). Something like inheritance, Hokkien is a child while Southern Min is his father, they are not really the same, but they are similar.

Hope you enjoy this.



You can use the sound button on each of the three webpages above to hear the correct pronunciation.

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