What are some elements of a business tagline/slogan in China? Have you ever seen a really catchy poster or sign? Here are some examples from a Weibo article. Here is Burger King: 我选我味。

Are there any smaller business slogans that you've seen and remembered? I ask because what is catchy in one country isn't in another.

  • Sorry if it wasn't clear. My goal is just to see other slogans or brand lines in Chinese that I haven't found online. Usually the websites that do have them are easily found on the company's page. Or, they are more commonly seen. – Josh Wyss Apr 21 '17 at 14:43

I think there's no objective/clear answer to your question. I suggest this question should be held.

Anyway: There are tons of slogans in China:, and some are great, some are funny and unforgettable:





Durex:何惧操,尽管射! (with painting of草船借箭)


Helpful Link:一句优秀的广告词需要具备哪些特点? - 回答作者: 空手

Funny Solgans:



浙江温州,浙江温州,最大皮革厂,江南皮革厂倒闭了.......(really long)

两块钱,你买不了吃亏 ! 两块钱,你也买不了上当 !

肥料掺了金坷垃一袋能顶两袋撒。阿米你看 圣地亚哥

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