Can anyone recommend any (free to use) short audio material that has good quality transcriptions (eg subtitles) in chinese and english? I think the TED talks have this type of material, anything else?

I'm trying to make some of my own lessons material where I can listen to audio and get the transcripts with time-synced text. Also would be great if there was pinyin too...

edit: here's a game using sentences from Tatoeba project, with a text-to-speech engine: http://cgram.rikai-bots.com/magnets/?lesson=comparisons

but, the speech isn't that natural. Also the pinyin is auto-converted so it messes up sometimes.


It seems that you need a textbooks used by China kindergarten. Other than that there's no materials come with no cost. It's hard to find a good materials consists of: Pinyin, English, Chinese and a recording.

  • I started using a TTS (text to speech) engine so now i just need it en/cn/pn without the audio. – dcsan Apr 30 '17 at 10:25

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