For example, how do you translate, "Does anybody/anyone in the dorm have a vacuum I could use?" Or, "Can I borrow somebody's/someone's shoes?"

I don't know how to say these types of questions that ask "anybody" "anyone" "somebody" or "someone."

Would appreciate help!! :))) Thanks!

  • search web using e.g."英文语法:anybody, somebody", get many results, e.g. – user6065 Apr 21 '17 at 21:22
  • dictionary:任何人/某人 anybody/somebody (1)在宿舍里有人有吸尘器我能用吗? (2)可以借用某人的鞋子吗? – user6065 Apr 21 '17 at 21:47
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Basically you want '有人‘ or ’谁‘。

Does anybody know the answer?

Someone must know the answer!

Does anybody/anyone in the dorm have a vacuum I could use?

"Can I borrow somebody's/someone's shoes?" 我能借一下别人的鞋子吗?

May I borrow someone's jacket?

Who can lend me a jacket?

Who can lend me a vacuum cleaner?

(Don't borrow other people's shoes, you might get a foot infection!)

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