I have two watercolours (Birds & flowers blossom) but have not been able to find anything regarding who painted them.enter image description here

  • Looks Japanese to me. – Gugg Apr 25 '17 at 15:40
  • it is stage name of author, if he/she is not a well-known artist, only few people within his/her cycle know him/her. – Daniel Yang Apr 26 '17 at 3:00

It looks like 怀谷 , from the idiom 虚怀

虛懷若谷 means:

have a mind as open as a valley -- very modest; be extremely open-minded; be in a receptive mood; be open to conviction; free from pride and prejudices; from a sense of one's inadequacy; modest and open-minded

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enter image description here

These are Shang Dynasty oracle bone script shapes. The right hand character looks like either「冬」or「終」, and the left hand side character is either「月」or「夕」. Note that there was no difference between「冬・終」and「月・夕」in oracle bone script.

enter image description here

This is「圃」, also in a Shang Dynasty shape.

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