I have an image that is something wrote in chinese I think. Can someone translate it please? Thank you. https://i.sstatic.net/v1H8R.jpg

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Probably the transliteration of a name like Micheala, Mikela 迈 mai 克 ke 拉 la

克拉 kela is the transliteration of carat, which for gold represents the purity of the gold. Maybe its the name of a store, or a joke "this is my gold bracelet".


迈克拉 is a English name translated to Chinese.

There are quite a number of English last name could be translated to 迈克拉, by the pronunciation.

For instance, there are quite a number of famous people where their last name translated to 迈克拉:

乔丹-迈克拉伊 (Jordan McRae) -NBA player

For this case, 迈-Mc 克-c 拉-Ra 伊-e

扎恩·迈克拉农 (Zahn McClarnon) -an actor

For this case, 迈-Mc 克-cla 拉-lar 农-non

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