What are the ways of saying somebody helped you in Chinese?

For example, I want to say, "My Chinese friend gave me some help for writing my Chinese essay."

Is this correct?: "我的中国朋友给我帮助写我的中文文章”。


Since 帮助 itself can be a verb for 'help', you can simply write:

[1. 我的中国朋友][2. 帮助][3. 我][ 4.写(omit 我的)中文文章]

[1. subject][2. verb][3. object][4. relative clause ]

If you use 帮助 as a noun for 'assistance' then the structure would be:

[1. 我的中国朋友][2. 给][3. 我][4. 写中文文章的][5. 帮助]

[1. subject] [2. verb] [3. indirect object][4. adjectival clause for the direct object][5. direct object]

The problem with 我的中国朋友给我帮助写我的中文文章 is the placement of the adjectival clause for the direct object.

[1. 我的中国朋友][2. 给][3. 我][4. 帮助][5. 写我的中文文章]

[1.subject][2.verb][3.indirect object][4.direct object] [5.adjectival clause for the direct object]

It should be placed before the direct object with the possessive particle []

[1. 我的中国朋友][2. 给][3. 我][5. 写(omit 我的)中文文章][][4. 帮助]

  • Wow thank you so much for that super helpful explanation!! :)))) – Rembly May 4 '17 at 19:12

It's probably grammatically correct, but a native speaker would just say 她帮我。

  • for confirmation check 100's of sample sentences for "help,give help,give help with, 帮助" at jukuu – user6065 May 3 '17 at 13:10

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