In English the word "crazy" apart from "being mentally ill" may have a less negative meaning of "being strange/weird/unconventional". Does chinese word 疯狂的 also have this connotation?
If not, what is the best chinese equivalent to it?

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Yes the terms 疯狂的(adv/adj); 疯狂(adj/adv); 狂(adj/adv) has other connotations beside being mentally ill.

recklessly / beyond imagination / out of the word (unrealistic)


疯狂的计划 / 疯狂计划 (crazy plan; reckless plan ; plan beyond imagination )


uncontrollably / earnestly / enthusiastically


疯狂地殴打 / 狂殴 ( crazily beat someone; uncontrollably beat someone)

疯狂购物 / 狂购 (shop crazily ; shop uncontrollably; shop enthusiastically)


strange / weird


疯狂科学家 (crazy scientist/ weird scientist)

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