The definition from Yabla (which is prettier in Ninchanese ):

  • to discuss passion and talk of love (idiom); to express love with terms of endearment
  • billing and cooing

And to translate the sentence:


The first part of the sentence without translating 谈情说爱 would be something like:

Based on your level, you can 谈情说爱 with fourth Lord. 

In this context, how should 谈情说爱 be translated?

  • Just a side note, 四爷 in this sense is probably a just a nickname, as opposed to its literal meaning (at least, in a contemporary context).
    – Qwerp-Derp
    May 10, 2017 at 10:21

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  • 谈恋爱 = fall in love
  • 谈情说爱 = romancing (what people who fell in love do)


a. To court, woo, or try to arouse the romantic interest of.

b. To have a love affair with.

base on your level(quality), you can romance the fourth lord. 

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