For my Chinese language class, I need to go through this practice worksheet and fill out which uses of 了 are correct. However, while I think I know decently when to use 了, I am not sure about some of my answers, as we have not discussed some things in class.

| 我们现在一起吃饭了。 | I'm not sure about this one. I think it might be correct because it could say "Now we can eat," which uses 了 to indicate a change.
| | 我明天要跟你去健身房了。 | I don't think this one is correct because it uses 明天 and 要which indicates it will happen in the future. |

| 我已经吃了午饭。 | I think this one is correct, it says "I already ate lunch." |

| 我看电影了。 | This one seems correct, "I watched TV." |

| 她穿新的裙子了 | This one also seems to use 了correctly, it says "She wore a new skirt." | | 我去了中文课了。 | Again, this one also seems to use 了 correctly, I believe it translates to "I have been going to Chinese class." | | 他会说中文了。 | This one also seems correct. "He can now speak Chinese." |

| 你真的买了两个新的电视吗? | I also think this is correct, because the 了 occurs before the numbers and indicates a the past tense of 买。 “Did you really buy two televisions?" |

| 他买四本书了 | This one isn't correct because 了occurs after the quantity and not before the quantity and after the verb like it should. |

| 你们回家了 | I think this one is correct, it translates to "You have returned home." |


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I got this from another forum, I find it useful:


了和过都能用在动词后面。 了 有表示过去时,现在进行时,将来时的意思。 如:我去了一趟超市。(过去) 我睡觉了。(现在)
过 只表示过去发生的某些事情。不能表示现在时和将来时。

了 和 过的用法是非常相似的,希望你能慢慢体会,多多练习。(ง •_•)ง,加油

My take on your sentences:

  1. 我们现在一起吃饭。

  2. 我明天要跟你去健身房了。

  3. 我已经吃了午饭。

  4. 我看电影了。

  5. 她穿了新的裙子。

  6. 我去了中文课了。(第二个‘了’是语气助词)

  7. 他会说中文了。

  8. 你真的买了两个新的电视吗?

  9. 他买了四本书。

  10. 你们回家吧。


我明天要跟你去健身房了 and 我明天要跟你去健身房 are not the same mean.

我明天要跟你去健身房了。 means in the past, I didn't need to go to gym, while I have to do it tomorrow.

我明天要跟你去健身房。 it has nothing related to the past, just means that I will do that tomorrow.

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