I was wondering if anyone would know who this artist is.

enter image description here


Obviously, it is 陳學. Chén xué-xìn


二千零三年: 2003 A.D.
秋: autumn; fall
寫(写): to draw; to sketch; to paint
園中一景: a scene in the Summer Palace (頤和園)

学(學)信: (署名) the signature of the author
并(並): and; also; together with
記: to note; to comment; to remark

寫并記 means "painted and remarked".


I think it's Wu Guanzhong but I might be wrong!

  • I would love to really know if this is him or chen xue xin or wu guanzhong because I have a huge collection and some are very large and some are on very light rice paper
    – PENNY
    May 24 '17 at 1:48

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