I sometimes watch the news on the CCTV LIVE youtube channel to improve my listening comprehension. Sometimes they provide subtitles in Chinese, and sometimes they don't. This is fine if I'm just trying to get the gist of the stories, but I know from experience that I improve a lot faster when I can go back over difficult parts in detail (e.g., with a dictionary). This is hard to do if there aren't subtitles or transcripts available.

Is there any place to watch or listen to the news in Chinese that either provides transcripts or always subtitles everything (in Chinese)? If not the news, something analytical and non-fictional?

  • "legal report" occurring almost daily of approx. 27 min duration, tv.cctv.com/lm/jrsf, rfa: news reports (3-6 min) with full transcripts, iribworldservice Chinese: commentaries at bottom of page (10-12 min)with full transcripts parstoday.com/zh
    – user6065
    Jun 14, 2017 at 12:39
  • @user6065 you should make that an answer, parstoday seems like exactly what is needed
    – t123
    Jan 6, 2018 at 15:40
  • How can I get transcripts of documentaries? Dec 14, 2021 at 23:37
  • If you don't restrict the content to only news, you'd find a lot more videos, such as videos for traveling, movie synopsis, etc. They are, in my opinion, a lot more fun than news.
    – joehua
    Dec 15, 2021 at 2:18

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I recommend you watch CCTV-4 (Chinese international). Many of its programs are subtitled in BOTH Chinese and English. Plus, its translation is professional and accurate.
However, these programs are mostly documentaries and shows. I've not found any news program with English subtitle in China.
EDIT: There is a Simplified Chinese subtitled news program on J5, a Hong Kong TV channel, called Putonghua Xinwen Baodao (Standard Mandarin News).

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    I don't want English subtitles. I want Chinese subtitles for news. Jul 6, 2017 at 4:35
  • Sadly there are almost no Chinese news with subtitles. But I have found an exception: TVB J5 Mandarin News with Simplified Chinese subtitle. Check this Hong Kong TV channel for information. Jul 11, 2017 at 8:21
  • Aurus, can you add that to your answer? It appears 普通話新聞報道 (which also has videos on youtube) fits what I'm looking for. Jul 11, 2017 at 17:45
  • I have added this to my answer. Jul 18, 2017 at 9:35

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