Does this 去 mean reduce? 煤炭企业面临多方面的压力: The coal industry faces many kinds pressure
(1) 去产能压力。 (1) reduce production capacity pressure

  • No, 去 in this context means " to remove"
    – Tang Ho
    Jun 1 '17 at 0:21
  • bkrs:transitive use:(4) 除去; 去掉 [remove; wipe off] 去死肌, 杀三虫。 (5) 又如: 去绝根株(斩草除根); 去疾(除去疾病); 去皮; 去邪归正(去掉邪恶, 归于正道)(14) 抛弃, 舍弃 [throw away](21) 通"驱"。 驱逐 [drive out; expel] "现代汉语词典"去(4)除去;除掉:~病|~火|~皮|这句话~几个字就简洁了。
    – user6065
    Jun 1 '17 at 5:08

去 in this context means " to remove".

去 never directly mean "to reduce". You thought it does, because logically thinking, you know 'if you keep reducing something, it will eventually be all gone (removed).'

Therefore you can say: "keep reducing until all gone" is one of the methods to remove(去). But 去 itself doesn't mean "to reduce"

If you hang(吊) someone by the neck, you are killing him. but 吊 (hang) itself doesn't mean " to kill".

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