A. The oldest person
B. The oldest male
C. The host
D. The hostess

The question is in this pdf: http://www.houstonisd.org/cms/lib2/TX01001591/Centricity/Domain/17318/chi_1.pdf

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For family dinner, normally if there is senior who is more than 70 years old, then the oldest people shall sit in the most honorable seat.Or the most important guest shall sit the seat. For business dinner, the top leader shall sit the seat. In some area, all women can't eat with men, they eat in another table separately. To be safe, always follow the host arrangement, otherwise you can be punished with strong spirit.


I deem this question off topic too. Nevertheless, offering a native Taiwan experience, I perceive that no one has ever paid attention to who should sit where. But some time it is seen that people actively pick up or scoop food into the dish of the venerable one, as an action signifying respect.

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