I see this sign near one of the cafeterias at Nankai University.


It says:


èrlóu xīnyǔ cāntīng yóucǐ shànglóu

second floor Sinew cafeteria; herefrom go upstairs

Where 新宇 (xīnyǔ; Sinew) is the company name.

I'm interested in 由此上楼, and particularly how 由此 is being used. I guess it makes sense, effectively meaning "go upstairs here", although I would expect some combination of 这里 (zhèlǐ; here) and 上楼 (shànglóu; go upstairs) to work. The question Are there any online resources for learning Chinese 4-character idioms and its top answer makes me think it might be something special.

Question: How is 由此 used?

I'm seeking just the general idea about how 由此 is used, ideally with some other short examples. The linked question gives this example


yóucǐ kějiàn

from this, it can be seen that ... (dict.cn translation)

It seems to be quite different usage to 由此上楼, however.

  • 由此:100 sample sentences at jukuu, covering different uses of prep.由, see grammars on preposition 由,e.g."实用现代汉语语法"(abbr.)(一) 1。 表示 处所、时间的起点,事物发展变化的起点或来源 ,与"从"的意思相同。一般来说,用"从"的地方都可以用"由"。但是"从"比"由"更加口语化。(1)表示处所的起点:碑身南方有三幅雕,由东方向西的第一幅,是1911年的武昌起义(2)表示时间的起点:那部电影是由陈建花第二次去机场迎接妹妹开始的。(3)表示事物发展变化的起点:中国实现现代化,必然要有一个由初级到高级的过程,(4)表示来源:我们由沥青铀矿中提出的物质,它的分解特性与铋相近。 2。 引出施事者,表示某事归某人去作。例如:说到底,这种悲哀也许主要应该由我自己负责。3。 表示凭借。常用格式:"由。。。组成"、"由。。。构成"。例如:谈到石油的化学成分,我们可以说,它是由多种物质组成的混合物。"由"构成一些 常用短语 。如"由次可知"、"由次可见"、"由次往前"。例如:由此可见,我们原先的分析是对的。
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  • cf. 从此 ad. henceforth thereupon therefrom prep. from now on (also 100 samples at jukuu), 由于 (due to, as a result of, thanks to,owing to,since,because) 由于此 jukuu samples 1-93,for 自此 ,(自此以后) after this,since then, see jukuu samples 1-98,
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由此 = from this

此 here is an adjective (this),

Question: How is 由此 used?

由此 (from this) can be used to modify many different omitted object

For Example:

  • 由此上楼 = '由此()上楼' - 'from this (location) go upstairs'

  • 由此可见 = '由此(事情/ 事实)可见' - 'from this (affair/ fact) we can see'

  • 由此出发 = '由此(/ )出发' - 'set off from this (place/ point)'

  • 由此终结 = '由此()终结' - 'end from this (moment)'


由此上楼 - Go upstairs from here
You may go upstairs (to another place) from here.

由此可见... - We can see that ... therefrom
We get it (a result, or a conclusion, from the foregoing)...

由 means "from" or "by" here, 此 means "this" or "these".

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