The 平台 is usually rendered as 'platform', but what is the 超流量?

The total context of the phrase is as follows:


So would it be 'a site / a platform / an Internet space (Russian 'ploshchadka') with highest [Internet] traffic'?


Your understanding (highest [Internet] traffic) seems correct, given that it is used on an e-commerce site.

But I want to point it out that it is not a standard/correct word. Chinese have a lot of freedom in coining new words but not all of them are fine ones. Of most IT-related idioms, 超 is translated from hyper, so we have 超链接(hyperlink), 超文本传输协议(HyperText Transfer Protocol), etc.

Nobody can give an exact meaning of 超流量平台 because it is not a standard IT idiom published by 全国科学技术名词审定委员会(China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies ). That's why I said in my previous answer, it is just an ill-devised fancy word.

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  • So, can 超 be reated to and describe the 平台? – Manjusri Jun 10 '17 at 11:24
  • in short, no. "超流量平台" is a lousy retouch of an already awful term "流量平台", which does not make any sense to anyone who is not of the SEO and e-commerce industry. – Barry Jun 12 '17 at 0:43

超 = super

流量 (flow volume): describes the volume of a moving body of water. It is often borrowed to describe 交通量 (traffic volume)

超流量 = 超(大)流量 - 'super (high) traffic volume'

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