It is not easy being a man in China, you need to have a lot of qualities!(I'll never qualify!)

男人要有责任心、为人正直、宽容、刚毅,不背叛朋友; 男人要上进,有报复,有魄力; 男人要谦虚,诚实,大方;男人要有修养,心胸开阔,处境艰难而不退缩,面对打击而不脆弱;男人是生活中的榜样,家庭的靠山,社会的支柱。总之,男人要顶天立地,光彩照人,要有男人的气概。


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Shine; Brilliant; Radiant

used to describe people or things are very beautiful, and make others impressive and respected.

Describe a person's appearance bright or things are bright and very beautiful.

光彩照人 coloured and dazzling

a. 公主光彩照人地穿著一身雪白的新禮服來了。
The princess arrived, resplendent in a new white dress.

b. 阿勒頗的阿拉姆瑣瓦,他們講著一個關於前人哈卡姆•伊茲拉•哈馬威的傳說。這個故事說的是使他在非猶太人心目中光彩照人,在東方所有城市中名聲鵲起的某一功績。
In aram zova in aleppo they tell a tale about hakham ezra hamawi of blessed memory concerning a deed which exalted him in the eyes of the gentiles and won him a name in all the cities of the east.

光彩照人 Radiant

  1. He is sparkling and versatile in front of the camera.

  2. He glimpsed Sonia, resplendent in a red dress.

  3. She glittered at the elegant table.


The phrase「光彩照人」is related to two better known phrases:

  1. 「光彩奪目」

「光彩」means: 'light and color'

「奪目」means: 'blinding/ dazzling'

「光彩奪目」 means : 「blindingly brilliant (of light and color) 」

It can be used literally to describe objects like diamonds and gems.

For example, 「這鑽石光彩奪目」(this diamond is blindingly brilliant )

Or metaphorically describe a person's brilliance.

For example: 「她的演出光彩奪目」(her performance is blindingly brilliant) - comparing a person's brilliance to a gem's.

  • 「她的光彩」= 'her brilliance'
  1. 「明艷照人」

「明艷」means 'radiant beauty'

「照人」means 'shining (upon people)'

「明艷照人」means ' radiant beauty shines'

光彩照人」means ' radiating brilliance; brilliance shines'

  • 这样翻译好不好? 男人要光彩照人:a man must be a shining example for others
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  • 不好. " 男人要光彩照人" Should be translated as " A man need to shine"
    – Tang Ho
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