According to dictionary, it translated as "cut short" or "disappearing" or "vanishing". However, the phrase 太绝了 which I think it means "perfectly!".

I'd like to ask if 绝 can be use with meaning of "disappearing" object like "He disappear from the meeting"

Can anybody give mean an explanation on what 绝 really means?


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According to the basic interpretation of 绝 in 汉典, there are 7 meanings.

  1. cut off; break off; discontinue; stop

  2. 尽,穷尽
    exhausted; die

  3. 极,极端的

  4. 独特的,少有的,没有人能赶上的
    unique; superb; excellent; rare; no one can catch up

  5. 一定的,肯定的
    certain; absolute; for sure

  6. 越过
    cross; surpass

  7. 旧体诗的一种体裁
    A genre of classical Chinese poetry

If you mean "He left the meeting", it would be 他从会议上离开了. We seldom use 绝 in this case.

If we say 他从会议上绝迹了, it means he will never show up again.

绝迹 usually means a creature is completely extinct.

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