Which is more common to express the notion of "everywhere": 四處 or 周圍?

Example: The house will have your books everywhere.

  • users noting answer would like to also mention 处处 (is even in IME editor)"汉语800虚词用法词典": 处处(副)everywhere;in all aspects.1.表示各个地方(1)十月的田野,处处是盛开的鲜花、飘香的瓜果。(2)中央代表团来到雪城高原,处处受到西藏人民的热烈欢迎。(3)春节前夕,整个中国,处处都洋溢着节日的气象。(4)登上黄山,处处都是美丽的景色,让人流连忘返。(5)外国游客到了中国,处处都感到新鲜。(6)春节庙会上,处处人头攒动,人山人海。2。表示各个方面,6 samples, comparison w 到处:"处处"指各个方面,包括具体和抽象两种处所:"到处"表示各个地方,只指具体的处所。(1)九月的北京处处/到处是鲜花。(2)每到春节,中国处处/到处是欢快、喜庆的场面。(3)老师处处/*到处关心我们。(4)妈妈到中国来一次很不容易,我想陪她到处/*处处看看。(5)他处处/*到处严格要求自己。(6)我到处/*处处找他也没找到。
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    Jul 1 '17 at 10:55

四處 is better than 周圍 in this case. However, I think you can consider 到處.

The house will have your books everywhere.

From Google Translate:

everywhere 副詞
everywhere, throughout, in all places
everywhere, anywhere

all over, everywhere
anywhere, everywhere

abroad, diffusely, everywhere, large, at large, proverbially

  • My friend also said 到處 is more common. Thanks!
    – Crashalot
    Sep 16 '17 at 21:17
  • Are there cases where 周圍 is better than 四處?
    – Crashalot
    Sep 16 '17 at 21:18
  • 周圍 means surrounding; ( around and nearby ). 四處 means everywhere. I think they are different. Some examples for 周圍: 大樓周圍有不少警察。 學校周圍要保持安靜。 We cannot use 四處 in these cases, but 四周 is ok.
    – young99
    Sep 20 '17 at 9:00

The '四' in '四處' is a 虛數 (symbolic number) that represents 'All'

'四處' literally means 'all places/ every places' which means the same as 'everywhere' It can also describe 'all over the place'

'周圍' means 'around' , typically refer to the area around an object

For example: '周圍都是樹' (tree are all around) the object is omitted here

'四周圍' means 'all around'

Consider the following:

  • '房子裡四處都有你的書'(there are books everywhere in your house)

  • '房子裡四周圍都有你的書'(there are books all around in your house)

  • '房子四周圍都有樹 (there are trees all around the house)

Which is more common to express the notion of "everywhere"

The answer is 四處

young99 wrote: I think you can consider 到處

'到處' literally means 'Everywhere (you go)'

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