In the road sign below, we have the following:


fēijīdòngchē kàoyòu xíngshǐ


Which breaks apart as:

However, I'm not clear on how 非机动车 means bicycle. Ordinarily, I would expect "bicycle" to be 自行车 (zìxíngchē), and I'm unfamiliar with this as an alternative.

Question: How does 非机动车 (fēijīdòngchē) mean "bicycle"?

  • Bicycle can also be 单车, and is more a colloquial term..you may hear people say 踏单车  It may be more common in Hong Kong
    – Abe Shudug
    Commented Jul 8, 2017 at 18:53

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It doesn't only means bicycle.

"非机动车" is non-motorized vehicle, NMV, including tractors,human cargo vehicles, animal-drawn vehicles, etc., according to the explaination of "非机动车" in Baidu Baike.

So bicycle is only one sort of NMVs and is used to reprensent NMV on the sign because it's very common.


No, it doesn't mean bicycle. the word 机动 means motorized or power-driven, the reason why you see a picture of bicycle in the sign is that bicycle is a very popular 非机动车

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