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I understand what she means, but I wonder what meaning 报 carries here. Anyone could help me?

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I think the 报 here is referring to registering/signing up/apply as in 报名.

A: Have you registered/signed up for X class yet?
B: Yes, I have (registered/signed up).

甲: 你 X(课/班) 报名了吗?
乙: 嗯 我报了。


Adding my one cent here:

报 can be a short form for 报读 or enroll.

Did you enroll for the language class?

here means to apply, sign up, register.

The sentence can be translated as Have you applied/registered/signed up (for) the language training courses?

Some other examples:

你报哪个学校了? Which college did you apply for?
他报了400米。   He registered for the 400m (run).

In this context 报 is used as a verb that means 'sign up for'.

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