I seem to recall there being a 成语 to the effect of, "Heaven brought them together," or something like that. It expresses that the couple was truly meant for one another. Do you know which 成语 I am thinking of?


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佳偶天成 (a perfect couple that's made by heaven)

天生一對 (born to be a perfect couple)

天造地設 (a perfect couple created by heaven)

天賜良緣 (a perfect marriage that was grant by the Heaven )

The_Anomaly wrote:

...which of these are perhaps more commonly used than the others?

佳偶天成, 天賜良緣, and 天作之合 are very literary phrases-- you usually find them in written form; and you only hear them commonly in wedding speeches.

天生一對 and 天造地設 can also be heard in wedding speeches, but they are more applicable in day-to-day conversations. They can describe something other than 'perfect couple'

  • 天生一對 can refer to persons or things being extremely comparable or alike. For example: "你們倆一個是瘋子,一個是狂人, 真是天生一對." (one crazy, one mad; you two really are born to be a pair)

  • 天造地設 can refer to persons or things being perfectly matched or perfectly suited in an arrangement. For example: "這是個天造地設的安排" (this is a perfect arrangement)

  • These are excellent, thank you. Do you or @吳斯生 have any thoughts as to which of these are perhaps more commonly used than the others? They all seem to really have an equivalent meaning. Jul 12, 2017 at 10:36
  • 天生一对 is the most widely used one, and it can be used to any couple( for example, the 天賜良緣 usually refers to married couple) Jul 13, 2017 at 18:38


tiān zuò zhī hé




【英文】a heaven-made match; a union made by heaven; a match blessed by God

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