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I need to insert the "typed-in" version of these words into my Word document (at work), but I know nothing about the Chinese language, and cannot type in Chinese.

What do these words mean? Please type them in, so I can copy and paste them.

I tried an online OCR service, but it failed..


The word 欢迎 means welcome and is typed as huan ying. This is a pretty basic word in Chinese so you can easily look it up even via a quick Google search.

In case you encounter a similar case down the road...

If you use macOS or iOS, you can add a handwritten Chinese keyboard, and write the character in the screen by handwriting it. Then tap on the correct character on the pop-up and search it via Google, or paste it on the dictionary (macOS has a default Chinese dictionary, for your information).

If you use iOS and download an app called Pleco (which is available in Android as well), you can use the handwritten feature and dictionary together via an In-App Purchase.

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