Both seems to mean "to enter". I had a feeling that the 入 is more "to put into" while the 进 is "to enter" ? But I also saw the "entrence" using 入.

  • 他可以“进” 而不“入”。 入 means he will be in (a room, etc), while 进 is an action or trial only (he try to enter but there are possiblity something/somebody blocks him). just like you "look to" east but "see" nothing. Commented Sep 8, 2017 at 5:25

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入 (to put into/ to enter into)

进 (to advance/ to advance and enter)

进入 (advance into/ to enter) is a compound word

  • 进(advance) is the main verb

  • 入(into) is the resultative/ directional verb particle


As far as I have seen, personally, I see 入口 used as a noun, and 进 used as a verb.


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