I have seen it as usage of 很棒, but I don't get how that means thumbs up as it were? Was I misunderstanding the comment on the video??

I know that on mdbg.net there is a different meaningg = = ~~~~ : )

It says: stick / club / cudgel / smart / capable / strong / wonderful / classifier for legs of a relay race

Whenever I search it on Google images, it only shows thumbs up..O_O

I seen this on a video about 楚辞, I think it is worth a share :)


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According to this answer which have over 600 people voted to agree


'棒' (rod) is 'strong hard wood'


When you say someone "rob form" , it means he has "huge penis"

棒 means 'baton / rod', which is 'stiff and hard'

The term “好棒" was originally a slang for 'excellent, great, wonderful' -- meaning something is as great as a 'good hard rod' (hard rod is a metaphor for stiff penis)


It means : You did a good job. Or well done. If I solved a problem for you, you can say "棒" to me.


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