Advanced English Dictionary defines good for you as:

An exclamation of encouragement or congratulation. "You got married? Good for you!"

It is usually used sarcastically.

ABC’s E-C dictionary translates the phrase as:


which doesn't really work because people don't necessarily have needed to done anything to get a nice "good for you."

A Chinese English Dictionary gives:


KEY gives




I have been going with a sarcastic ** 恭喜你啊** but it doesn’t seem to accurately express this idea.

Any ideas?

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"还是你行啊!", "你行啊!","你牛啊!",“你多牛啊!” those phrases could be a bit "sarcastic". In Chinese, you should seize the tone of a speaker to figure out if he/she is being sarcastic.


牛逼 is the best to express good for you,it fits any situation you want to say good for you

  • My MBP dictionary says: 牛逼 adjective offensive, f--king great; words.chinese-linguipedia says 不雅. Is there a more neutral one / for (especially older) female users? I know there are other versions depending on what the situation is. Jun 15, 2019 at 8:57

@dan provide the causal saying of Mandarin, I add the casual saying of Cantonese: 「叻啦你」or「巴閉啦你」. Depends on the scenario, change the 「啦」 to any word that show one's emotion. My version is for sarcasm.

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