Both words generally mean sincerity or honesty, however their usage seems to be different, sometimes, but not always.

According to my understanding, you can say, for example:


but can't say:


However, you can say:


Can anyone please explain the difference? Can someone please translate the above sentences accurately, and perhaps provide a few other useful examples? Thanks.

  • 有诚信 have integrity, act in good faith, bkrs:诚信genuine honest in good faith honesty integrity sincerity and honesty, examples:以人为本, 诚信 至上,做生意一定要讲 诚信 ,如果弄虚作假,欺骗顾客,一定会自败声名,自断财路。职能科学、权责法定、执法严明、公开公正、廉洁高效、守法 诚信 的法治政府 诚意 good faith; sincerity, 对...诚意 sincere towards:see jukuu's 100 samples for each, among those for 诚意 there are exactly 2 with 对...诚意 :43.不过他 你总是一片 诚意 。82. 孙小姐怫然瞪眼道:“谁要他 我诚
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    Aug 8, 2017 at 12:50
  • 诚意 means you have sufficient motivation to do something at fair cost. 诚信 means that you want to keep a good credit history = 诚实守信。 Aug 9, 2017 at 3:24

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诚信: means honesty and credibility

诚意: means honesty only

You can't say:


Because if somebody 有诚信, he/she will be always 有诚信, not only for you, but for everyone. So you just say 他有诚信 or 他没诚信.

You can say


意 means mood here. One can be 有诚意 now, but wasn't other times, can be 有诚意 for you, but not for others.

诚信 is a trait, 诚意 is a mood.

You can say





诚意: your willingness towards something,

eg: 我对这生意很有诚意;让我们看到你的诚意;

诚信: credits you got, (so people hold you accountable to do something.)

eg: 你很有诚信; 你的诚信很好。


In '诚意'(sincerity); '诚'= '诚实'(honest) ; '意'= '意图' (intention)

有诚意- having honest intention means you are sincere


In '诚信' (integrity); '诚'= '诚实'(honest); '信'= '信用'(credibility/ trust- worthiness)

有诚信- having honesty and credibility means you have integrity


If anyone said he would do something and finally he did it. 他很有诚信 If anyone said he would do something and problaly he will do it. 他很有诚意

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