as in the title what is the difference between 妖魔 and 妖怪? Also, are there any similar words which have similar meaning?

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    妖怪 sprite monster genie bugbear demon bogey evil spirit synonyms:妖, 妖精, 妖魔, 邪魔, 妖物, 怪物, 精, 怪, 精灵 妖魔 demon evil spirit bogey succubus goblin ogre devil synonyms: 妖, 妖怪, 妖精, 邪魔, 妖物, 怪物, 精, 怪, 精灵 demonization 妖魔化;妖化 see samples at jukuu – user6065 Aug 15 '17 at 20:06
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As I write this, someone already left feedbacks for your second question.

As for the difference between 妖魔 and 妖怪:

妖怪: like a monster, its appearance looks quite different from other normal creatures (at least from what's in our minds).

妖魔: like a demon, having witch kind of looking, who can use the magic power in combat.

In short, 妖魔 has more magic power than 妖怪. 妖怪 is more powerful physically than its magic power.

This is my understanding and impression and might not be that accurate. Just as a reference.

  • 怪是真实存在的,只是奇异,而魔是不存在的,只是一种影响人的心理的幻觉。 – Daniel Yang Aug 16 '17 at 10:23

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