This is 俞敏洪 speaking:

“这个问题两说,我建议想清楚了一件事情以后再去做,只要想清楚了,你就要不断往前, 只要资源允许,时间,能力没问题,你都要坚持去做。 这就和战争一样总是要看到当时当地的情况才能下决定,绝对没有一个规则套在这里,大家以后就不用去思考。”

(there is) absolutely no rule/principle [hidden] in this,
(there is) absolutely no rule/principle [one can follow] here,
(there is) absolutely no rule/principle [applicable] here,

I know of: 套用规则:apply a rule 自动套用:auto format

What does this 套 mean here?

  • bkrs:〈动〉to cover to encase, to sheathe (1) 罩在外面 [cover with; slip on] 下边穿着条香色洋布夹裤, 套着双青缎子套裤。 --《儿女英雄传》 (2) 如: 套袖(套在衣袖外保护衣服) (3) 把棉花、 丝棉等平整地装入被褥或袄里缝好 [fit over]。 如: 套棉被; 套棉袄; 套进去; 套件衣服 – user6065 Sep 4 '17 at 10:19
  • cf. jukuu: 63. Where pipelines cross swamps, rivers, or lakes they may be encased in concrete. 油管跨越沼泽地,河流、湖泊时,可以用混凝土管匣套起来。64. A hangman's noose had already been placed around his neck. 一个绞刑的绳圈已经套在他的脖子上。 – user6065 Sep 4 '17 at 10:57
  • 1
    regarding answers: are there (more) examples online of abbreviating 套 to 套用 in a phrase of type NP套在NP里? Some users more or less agree with OP's choice #1, which agrees with the common meaning of verb 套 (cover, encase, sheathe), also note jukuu's 100 samples for 套在,many with 套在 NP 上。 regarding 套在 里, note 把谈话套在学术性探讨的框子里 (套在框子里frame in) – user6065 Sep 4 '17 at 13:38
  • 套 means that limit an object or an animal with a container, to avoid leaving or losing control. so 套用规则 means apply a rule or a standard to make sure things go right. – Daniel Yeung Sep 6 '17 at 1:29

My understanding is that 套 is short for 套用 here, meaning "apply mechanically".

Basically, the author conveys there isn't such a rule/principle that could work for all the circumstances, so that we don't have to worry once applying it.

With that in mind, I gather you should be able to wording it much better than I do as an English native.

This is my shot: (there is) absolutely no rule/principle fixing(or being applied) here, so we don't have to worry about it any more.

On top of that, if the sentence is written as 绝对没有一个规则被套用在这里, would it be more understandable to you? In fact, it's a passive voice sentence with some omissions.


In this context, '套' means "restrict" or "set"

  • 规则(rule) is a form of restriction
  • 规则(rules) are being set by people .

"被规则套着" = "be restricted by rule"


There is absolutely no rule/principle [is set] here

He mentioned "it is like war, we can only make a decision after considering many different elements" suggested he meant "there's no set rules"


I agree with @dan's explanation on the meaning of 套, ie apply a rule mechanically without thinking, but I don't agree with his translation in the end.

I think the translation should be

There is no universal rule to be applied here and we can't apply any rule without thinking.


套 means apply something blindly.

A: 我不会打排球.

B: 那你就把打篮球的方法套在这里.

when it is used as adjective, it means something that could be used blindly.

A: blablabla

B: 别跟我说这些套话.

It is usually negative.


套 means condom here.

Basically the whole thing can be translated into this: There are two sides to this problem (Probably to problem of sexual arousal), and I suggest that you can only do something after you have consider its consequence first, and once it's clear, you will do it very hard when you have the resources. How long it (your sex session) lasts is not a problem. You just have to do it. That (Having sex) is similar to having warfare, you can only make a good decision when it's with the right person, right place and right time and so you should never set a rule on when to put on a condom. Don't think about it too much.

It's confusing: This guy first talks about two sides to a problem (问题两说), but he only discuss about one side. Then, he clearly suggests that people think clearly before doing something (想清楚), but then in the end, he asks 大家 NOT to think about the problem (不用去思考). So he is contradicting himself here. Probably having trouble satisfying his wife himself.

  • Trash talk is no-good. – dan Sep 5 '17 at 4:26
  • 主题就是‘谈一谈创业问题’认为在中国俞敏洪是有名人。你不认识吗?-:) – Pedroski Sep 5 '17 at 9:32
  • @Pedroski 原来如此,只有小绵羊才会对披着狼皮的大绵羊有兴趣,你懂的。 – Atmega 328 Sep 5 '17 at 11:56

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