This is from an interview with 航天员杨利伟。


建设 normally means 'build'. Do you 'build or construct (建设) accomplishments (成就)' in Chinese?

'我国航天建设的辉煌成就' 'China's space flight project's glorious accomplishments'

I think I could replace this 建设 with 项目 here, so I have 'space flight (航天) project (建设, 项目)。

Does this use of 建设 here seem strange at all?

  • It means 事业或活动, enterprise, project or activity. – young99 Sep 10 '17 at 1:39
  • = program / plan & implementations thereof. – Daniel Yang Sep 11 '17 at 7:59

In mainland China, 建设 can have the meaning of "cause", similar to 事业. It is often said that

On the road of the construction (cause) of the socialism society...

From a random online dictionary from Google:

建设 — 创建新事业或增加新设施 (Construct new causes or add new equipments)

So in your case, 我国航天建设 is an elliptical phrase, where 事业 is omitted, which should look like

The construction of our cause for spaceflight

In practice, you can translate 建设 into "cause" or "the construction of xxx project" (我国航天工程) depending on the context.

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  • Did you miss something in the quotes in the first sentence? – fefe Sep 10 '17 at 2:09
  • @fefe My bad. Fixed it. – iBug Sep 10 '17 at 2:59

建设 is a noun word here, and can be interpreted as "construction". Like 中国建设银行 is translated to China Construction Bank. 项目 is not the same as 建设 here. 航天建设 would involve many projects.

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