I walk past this sign on the way to the lab:

enter image description here

If I understand correctly, it says something like the optics Master's lab (?) was founded in 1984 by the supervisor Guoguang Mu.

I'm interested in the bottom sentence:

光学硕士点 (guāngxué shuòshì diǎn)

Which translates to:

  • 光学 (guāngxué) = optics
  • 硕士 (shuòshì) = Master's (as in "Master's degree" and "Master's student")
  • (diǎn) = dot

I'm confused as to why 点 is in this sentence. In context it seems to mean "lab", but I would expect other words to mean lab.

Question: Why is 点 in 光学硕士点?

  • site. You understand it exactly. Sep 11 '17 at 8:40
  • 1
    点 means a place or degree. like: 报名点(registry), 代售点(agency), 起点(starting point), 燃点(burning temperature), etc.
    – xenophōn
    Sep 12 '17 at 2:28

点 means a unit here.

This 点 is the same as the one in 地点 or 景点.

In this case, it is a place that they can confer Master's degrees.

Usually, it is a department of a university, which is also an organization (组织) or a unit (单位).

A 硕士点 is authorized by the government that it can authorize a master's degree to the students.

碩士點係指經授權後能自行授予碩士學位的學科或專業 單位 (一般為 學系 )。


点 here means "site". Like 网点。 They could have many sites or different kinds of sites, one of them is 光学硕士点.


点 can means a location or place, example: 售后点

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