I am interested in finding out the best way to ask a Chinese person to give or leave me feedback about my services, on the Internet. (Like a restaurant review). I would like to ask in a respectful, polite way that gives me a good chance of them taking a moment to leave feedback.

In simple or classic Chinese, how do I do this?

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    請問,您對我的服務有什麼看法? or 請問,您對我的服務滿意嗎? or 請問,我的服務有什麼地方需要改進嗎?
    – young99
    Sep 13, 2017 at 3:08
  • In written or spoken? Where will you put it?
    – dan
    Sep 13, 2017 at 3:39

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Like any other language, to obtain feedback, first thing is to be polite. here are few tips that I think might be helpful:

  • to use "你好" or "您好" to start a conversation, it's like "Hello" but "您好" is more polite
  • followed by "请问_____" to politely ask a man or woman for help like feedback, it's like "excuse me, could you please____" in English.

For now , the beginning better to be like "你好/您好, 请问__balabala___"

Next should ask for feedback, use the following examples to fill in the blanks:

  1. " 你/您(means you)对***满意吗? "—— (**** could be "the food"), this means if he is satisfied with ***? plus:***also could be "the service"(in Chinese, 服务) or "our service"(in Chinese, 我们的服务)
  2. " 你/您(means you)对***有什么意见建议吗? " —— (**** same as above), this means if he has any suggestions or complains with ***? plus:***same as above

usually these two is enough for feedback, of course there are also a lot different ways like:

  • "请问, 你/您认为我们有什么地方可以改进呢?"—— ask if he/she can give advice to improve our service.
  • "请问, 可以对***做出评价吗?"—— ask if he/she can comment on ***.
  • "请问, 可以耽误你/您几分钟时间吗?"—— ask if he/she can spend several minutes to do something.

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